Inline 225

New sistem completely developed in company - Roletarstvo Medle d.o.o. is the above window roller shutter INLINE 225 - dimensions: 225x230mm.

It is distinguished by particularly attractive design, the possibility of protection against insects, possibility of visible or invisible (concealed) installation, excellent insulation, stronger construction and simple - economical installation with additional sealing between the window and the cabinet. Suitable for installation on all types of window frames depth up to 94mm.

INLINE 225 roller shutter installation
INLINE 225 cross-section
Implementation options
- aluminium slats filled with polyurethane foam or PVC slats,
- integrated roll-up insect screen nets or no insect screen,
- manually operated (automatic), controlled with crank handle, or electrically operated,
- in various colour combinations of slats, boxes, guide rails and skirting boards.
- box in white color
- opens only from the bottom (max. depth of the window frame may be 94mm)
Multi-Rollbox implementations
box size 200 x 230 mm
without insect screen
concealed installation
box dimensons 225 x 230 mm
with insect screen
concealed installation
- possibility of bottom opening for window frames with depth up to 94mm
- heat conduction of cabinet with standard isolation (EPS 70) is 0,87W/m²K, while improved isolation (EPS 100 NEOPOR) makes it 0,77W/m²K
- possibility of guide offset selection including mosquito net guides
- improved sealing due to special universal as well as simple fixing of roller shutter cabinet onto the frame through a fusing profile and double sided adhesive tape
- universal system (possibility of visible or under plaster installation, with alu or pvc guides, with an integrated roller mosquito net or without
- universal console for all kinds of drives (automaton with risers, crank handle - reducer, el. motor) universal introducer for all types of guides
- improved starting and quiet operation of roller shutters due to carefully designed geometry
- screws of cover on the inner side prevent the visibility of thread on the outer side
- compatibility of certain elements with roller shutters en front of windows (bushing, guides, spindle, wheel, bearings, safety spreings, automaton)
- compatibility of certain elements with Multi-rollbox above window cabinet(guides, brush, spindle, wheel, PVC limiting board, bearings, safety springs, automaton).
Slats options
Falcon slats filled
with polyurethane foam
39mm ALU slat filled
with polyurethane foam
PVC slat