Pana Premier Plus

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Wood-alu window with integrated venetian blinds between glasses provides both sun and dust protection. This is a solution for people who want more than conventional sun protection solutions or for renovations where it is simply the only solution.


Profile: wood profile thickness 68 mm, total thickness with aluminum cover 78 mm

Best thermal value: Uw 1,28 W/m2K ( double glazing Ug 0,5, third glass is in the aluminum cover, between iso glass and venetian blind);

Aluminum cover: strong construction with its welded edges and thermal-bridge, fastened on wooden profile

Gasket: 4 high quality gaskets – 2 Q-lon gaskets on sash and 2 EPDM gaskets on frame and aluminum cover

Hardware: visible and hidden (hidden hardware to carry up to 80 kg)

Design: sash /frame aligned from outside. No glazing bead inside, square edged wood profile with small radius

Wood types: spruce, larch, oak, meranti