PVC window GEALAN S7000

PVC window GEALAN S7000
The ideal system for renovation of old buildings when it wants to avoid masonry processing of reveals. Viewing 3-fold sealing.

Profiles as with other systems can be straight or half-rounded varieties of wings. They are offered in all standard color variants, and as with other systems possible installation of the shackles of a greater degree of security or concealed fittings. Various adaptive accessories RENOVO systems provide complete peace of mind when installing.

Modern design of semi-rounded elegant lines with gray seals. Specially designed to protect the fittings from violent approach and damage with the possibility of installing the third gasket.

5-chamber profile construction depth frame 74 mm and 85mm wing with corresponding galvanized reinforcement.

Insulating properties
Very good thermal and sound insulation with the heat transfer coefficient Uf = 1.2 W / m2K. (With appropriate glass - up to 0.84 W / m2K) Sound insulation: 32 dB (with appropriate glass up to 40 dB). The possibility of installing 3-layer glass to 46mm thickness.

All the carpentry is equipped with MACO titan-silver fittings which regularly contain the devices for tilt / turn opening casement with the window. The possibility of installing anti-theft constraints of third degree of protection.

To most easily express their creativity and individuality, and its object We offer you a wide range from 12 wood decorations to 12 acrylic colors and their mutual combination.

If desired, it is possible to install the intelligent self-regulating air ventilation system GECCO

Maintenance is simple and easy due to very smooth surface and broadly dimensioned groove of the window jamb.

Possibility of 100% recycling! Old windows and profile remains can be granulated and recycled to construct new products window.