Schüco AWS 65 BS

The innovative system of hidden wings does not show any visible elements of window wings

This type of window with hidden casement is mostly used in window integration in the facade systems where aesthetics and elegant appearance of the glass facade of the utmost importance. However, the system is suited for the production of classic and windows are installed and the classical openings in the house or apartment, as investors and architects, offers great opportunities for creativity and design.

Dimensions and design:
Dimensions: 65mm mounting depth frame, hidden lap.
Innovative design of hidden wings for a perfect facade.

Insulating properties:
Thermal insulation profile: Uf = 2.2 W / m2K.

The original Schüco hidden fittings allow large casement dimensions and transparent architecture.

All aluminum carpentry is available in all RAL colors, spray colors and various wood imitations.

Maintenance is simple and easy due to very smooth surface and material and color.