Wood-Alu windows

Wood-Alu windows

Pana Premier Passiv Modern

Pana Premier Passiv Modern IV 80 SAVING ENERGY AND MONEY With a new thicker wood profile and 3 levels of [...]

Pana Premier Passiv Zero

Pana Premier Passiv Zero IV 68; IV 80 Simple and elegant with a sash hidden within the frame, this system [...]

Pana Premier Flat

IV 68; IV 80 Aligned sash and frame from outside are responsible for a pure and modern look allowing more [...]

Pana Premier Termic

IV 68 Improved variation of Premier Classic model, suitable for buildings with higher requirements on thermal and sound values. At [...]

Pana Premier Classic

IV 68 Basic model in wood-alu range with all of the best characteristics in construction and performance, mostly selected for [...]

Pana Premier Plus

This is custom heading element Wood-alu window with integrated venetian blinds between glasses provides both sun and dust protection. This [...]